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Comic Book Movie Review: X-Men First Class

At first glance this mutant origin flick seems like a college fan film, but after sitting down with the film, you’ll find a nice take on the origins of the original X-Men team.

Of course this tale isn’t taken from the pages of the many different X titles out there, but it does a very good job of pulling together the reasons why Magneto and Charles Xavier went their separate ways and how they crossed paths.

What turned me away from the film was the strange roster.  Including Darwin and Azazel were at the top of the list for most unused X-Men characters.  Adding Scott Summers’ brother Alex, was also strange considering that the previous films already used Scott Summers.  Maybe they were going to state that in this timeline Alex was Scott’s father?

Another thing that turned me away from seeing this film was the CG work.  Especially the work on the battleships.  The crystal form on the White Queen was also very strange looking.  Deep down I was wishing that they went with more of a snow/ ice look instead of the crystal form.

What makes this film so great is that it doesn’t need to cater to comic fans.  It’s a tale of one person’s revenge and the characters they meet along the way that join him or hinder him in his quest.  Don’t think of the film as a piece of the X-Men trilogy, but a reboot of sorts.  If you can make time to hit the theaters, you should give the film a look.