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For the most up to date information and photos, add us on Facebook.  Uploading thousands of photos can take weeks, but we’ll upload photos to our Facebook page as often as possible.  Our list of links can be found at the top of our page underneath our logo.  We’re also on DeviantArt, flickr,, American Cosplay Paradise and Model Mayhem.

Bat-Toosie time!

Bat-Toosie time!

Farewell Comic-Con 2014: We’ll miss you!

Thank you Cosplayers for all the wonderful photos.  We managed to get over 3,000 photos from the event and now is the not so fun and mundane job of editing and sorting through everything.  Instead of posting hundreds of duplicates, we sort through and remove the duplicates and out of focus photos, then retouch what we keep.  The process for this many photos can take around 2 weeks, but we’ll get them online ASAP.  If you received a card, you will have a photo in the gallery.  Make sure to add us on facebook at

San Diego Comic Con 2014