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The history and meaning of Cosplay.

Cosplay is the term that Japan used to shorten the words Costume and Play. That is exactly what they meant by it. It meant to dress like who you want and play like you are that character. It’s meant for fun and is usually done in conventions or in certain areas. The part that aggravates me are people that say that cosplay is creating a costume from scratch. That would be costume making, not playing. Don’t let people tell you who you can or cannot be. If you want to dress up and be that character you do not have to make the costume from scratch. Cosplay is a hobby and as so, you’re entitled to spend what you want and do what you want with it. Don’t let anyone tell you that if you did not make that costume that you are not cosplaying. Those people clearly don’t understand the term, “CosPlay, (costume play)”.